We Are Here for You

Create peace of mind for yourself, your family members, and closest friends. With WellAssist™ you will have the ability to communicate over video with your loved ones. Whether you need to ask for assistance or you are simply checking in, our application enables you to see the ones who matter most, and assure them that you are okay. It is a great secondary support system to compliment your in home care providers.

Let us be there for you. Set reminders and have 24/7 access to your care providers.

Check in real-time with care providers, family members, and friends

Access primary care givers in the event that they are not available to make their regularly scheduled in-home visit

Ask questions or address concerns as they arise outside of in-home visits


Virtual Care,
Remote monitoring,
& TeleHealth Management

We all like to do our research when making a big decision about our health. We've put together a comprehensive guide so you can take a look at the benefits of our WellAssist application and view the features and dashboards within our platform.

Free Tutorial

We will train you and your current care providers on the features of WellAssist including Virtual Care, Remote Monitoring, and TeleHealth Management, or Routinify's staff of RNs can provide this service for you.